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Kin: images by Leesa Streifler & text by Jeanne Randolph

Available for purchase through Plug In

Normal: Leesa Streifler
Curator: Vera Lemecha

Essay by:Vera Lemecha

(Postcard format: includes tear-out postcards)

Available for purchase through the Dunlop Art Gallery

They Made a Day Be a Day Here
Curator: Amy Fung

ISBN 978-0-9877278-3-1

Essay: Leesa Streifler

Downloadable PDF 's


  • Collins, Curtis. Prairie Postmodern: Leesa Streifler, Season 1, 2012, Access 7 Communications, Regina, SK

  • Collins, Curtis. DAG Volumes: No. 1 (2012) image p. 208.

  • Boss, Michael. Rhubarb Magazine, spring, 2012, Issue no. 29, Winnipeg. Images on pp 14, 20 & 27.

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